Chief Financial Officer at Invictus Games

I am privileged to have worked with David and view him as an outstanding mentor and coach. He has an innate ability to understand complex relationships and distinguish between the ‘emotion zone’ and real underlying issues to work through to positives outcomes. He is the ultimate change agent, relentless in pursuit of excellence, amongst teams and for the individuals within them. His ever-present positivity and humour is infectious.

Personally, he has helped me bring my true strengths to the fore, have conviction in my ability and to be brave. I continue to seek his counsel frequently on many areas, including leadership, career coaching and strategic negotiation.


Co-Founder at Athletikan Footwear

David has been a great mentor and performance coach for me personally and in turn my business. Since first utilising David’s services we have continued to work on short term and long-term goals in depth. This has lead to us building a concise and clear business strategy. This has enabled me to have a much more aggressive mindset for goal setting and knowing my own personal strengths in business and how to best utilise them. David is very warm in his approach and also has a great sense of humour which makes him a very easy person to relate to. I highly advise any individual or team looking to enhance their business to get in touch with David to drive high performance.


Head of Commercial and Partnerships at The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria

David is a leader that understands people like no other. He has an incredible ability to read human behaviour, understand the impact it has on productivity and influence best outcomes to the organisation. I have worked with David on complex re-structuring plans and have greatly benefited from his strategic thinking implementing change management. David’s astute and caring personality ensures people are cared for while company objectives are met. During our time together, I observed David being respected by peers, direct reports and leaders as a trusted advisor and ‘go to person’ to manage the most challenging situations. He is generous with his time and always ready to encourage people to be the best they can be. Most leaders realise the impact culture has on an organisation, but few know how to change culture to improve performance, work quality and profitability. David is the most skilled professional I have ever come across who not only knows the impact of culture but also understand what it takes to change it. I am forever grateful for the advice and support I have received from David during our time working together. I’m a better professional today because of our interactions.


DM Marketing at Australian Grand Prix Corporation

David is an authentic, energetic and driven leader and a great person to match. David has an incredible ability to listen, challenge, strategize and set clear goals, all with an approachable and inclusive style to ensure a pathway to success. David has had a huge impact on my professional and personal journey. He helped me find balance and develop strategies to be more effective inside and outside the workplace. David started as a mentor and a coach and ended up a friend. Good people are important to have in your life, and he is one of them! I look forward to continuing to work with David and I highly recommend him and his services.


DM – Risk and Operations, Australian Grand Prix Corporation | Co-founder & owner at Norte Wear

David is an exceptional leader of people and a person of great integrity. His breadth of experience, capability and expertise across a raft of industries positions him to influence change in a way I haven’t witnessed before. His insightful manner and ability to cut through the surface layer of an issue and identify the real focal point enables him to take others along for the ride, achieving meaningful outcomes. In our time working directly together, David was a trusted mentor, coach and advisor, having an enormous impact on my professional and personal development. Since that time, I have further sought his expertise in areas of strategy, marketing and business management in relation to my own business. I hold David in the highest regard and I hope to work with him again in the future.


CEO & Founder at Guava Insights

David has a unique skill of taking his extensive experience in coaching and support and combining that with his contagious drive, enthusiasm and energy! This creates a magic that means he provides an enormous pillar of support. His mature processes and methodologies create stability and direction where the waves are most choppy, and you come away from his sessions feeling empowered with enormous confidence and clarity. Not only is the engagement with David a refreshing and genuine experience, but his ability to listen means the advice he provides is completely and uniquely crafted around building you into a leader and success story, rather than feeling formulaic and full of motherhood statements. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with David and see his guidance as key enabler to the success of my fast-growing business.