The Path to Great Culture is an emerging force in high-performance leadership training and public speaking.  Techniques that are field tested in sports and events, the private sector, State Government and Local Government.

Corporate training using hands on, engaging and participative role-playing methods. All designed to achieve deeper implementation of change and more sustainable momentum shifts.


Training that works on:

  • inner authenticity
  • vulnerability
  • mental stamina
  • leadership skills

Point of difference

It is rare that training providers truly understand what it feels like in your shoes and the inner workings of a complex organisation.

After 20 years' experience as an Executive Coach, HR Manager, Mediator, Commercial Litigation Solicitor, Executive Recruiter and Management Consultant I have cut my teeth in a raft of different organisation cultures and experienced many varied case studies.  I have worked with people from all backgrounds, personalities, pressures and mindsets.

As a leader, I used to engage with my team and together we would target our training budget on areas of need ensuring the content was immersive, enjoyable and different.  We would create a simple measurement process, so we could see the results. We would also immediately implement key learnings after the training was over.

I found that many organisations spend valuable resources on development programs that are partially implemented or whose value quickly diminishes.  I have built The Path to Great Culture training system with a focus on implementation, accountability and change after each session.

We use strength-based psychology and participative learning to foster trust and to build engagement.  The goal of our training system is to identify and break down persistent negative patterns and then to provide the tools to harness momentum whilst driving accountability.



  • Self-Leadership series
  • Emerging leadership series
  • Executive leadership series


  • The authentic leader
  • Crafting your personal brand
  • Synergistic solutions
  • Next gen leaders
  • Micro habit hacking
  • Outside your comfort zone
  • Using your strengths
  • Power of vulnerability
  • Mastering goal setting
  • Taking decisive action
  • Building resilience
  • Conquering change/transitions