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Learn how a top influencer and his business coach are changing the fitness industry

Learn how a top influencer and his business coach are changing the fitness industryBy Ben Madden

When fitness influencer Danny Kennedy launched DK Fitness back in 2014, he couldn’t have envisioned the global success the business would go onto have. Now recognised as one of the world’s best personal trainers together with one of the fastest growing podcasts, his techniques have been used by both elite athletes and celebrities, and his understanding of fitness trends, as well as the barriers that people face while attempting to improve their fitness means that he’s a go-to source for those trying to better themselves.

Using international coaching and training techniques, and adapting them to suit all members of society, Danny teaches people ways to completely transform their life.

The key to DK Fitness’ success is Danny’s realisation that not everyone has the time/money to join a gym or use the services of a personal trainer. He built the DK Fitness brand using a range of solutions to cater to different fitness journeys, underpinned by the online DK Fitness Membership Program. By offering his services online, people are able to access a world-class trainer for a fraction of the price it would otherwise cost for a single in-person session.

Signing up to the DK Fitness Membership Program means getting access to Danny’s entire library of fitness and health-related videos. Getting in shape is much more than hitting the gym – it also relies on eating well and improving your mental health. Danny saw a need for information to be shared with people in a way that was easily accessible and designed not to intimidate but accommodate.

The subscription method that Danny implemented has aged well, especially given the COVID pandemic. With gyms unavailable for the vast majority of the last 18 months, an online subscription gave people a chance to continue to improve their fitness from the comfort of their home. The reliance on subscription services (Netflix, Binge, Stan etc.) means that what was a somewhat disruptive idea when DK Fitness first launched is now second-nature to people. As Danny explains, “The DKFITNESS online membership will change the game, it’s essentially the Netflix for health and fitness. Regardless of the goal or current fitness level, there is a program suitable for you”.

When it comes to accessing Danny’s videos, it couldn’t be easier. Tablets, phones and computers can access the DK Fitness Membership Program, meaning that people can train anywhere, without having to battle with traffic, parking, crowds or any of the other elements that come with a traditional gym setting. All you need to do is have a space in your own home, and the will to better yourself. It’s a great way to allow people to stop being self-conscious about how they’ll be perceived and start taking the first steps towards a healthier version of themselves.

Working with his Melbourne business coach, David Taubman, helped sharpen Danny’s business focus, allowing him to grow his business into the worldwide juggernaut it is today. David’s worn many different hats in all sectors of business, with over 20 years’ practical experience growing businesses of all shapes and sizes. He’s worked as a solicitor, management consultant, executive coach, mediator, HR manager and more – and he brings the skills from each of those roles to the table when working with a client. For someone like Danny, it allowed him to work with someone that has experience in every challenge a business can face, as well as giving him the confidence to scale in a way that was sustainable.

Working with an experienced small business coach in Melbourne is something that Danny recommends, and given his role as a fitness trainer, he knows what makes a great coach. His experience with David has propelled him to new heights, and he couldn’t be happier. He says, “Working with a coach is something I’ve always preached to my clients and audience. The best of the best, in any field, work with a coach, including the likes of Michael Jordan and Serena Williams. The accountability that Dave brings to my small business and his expert opinion has been the game changer I was looking for. Whether or not I’m putting in enough work or doing the right things, and ultimately being able to work together to reverse engineer exactly what’s needed to make my small business successful”.

David echoed his thoughts, explaining what makes a great business entrepreneur – and how these values are present within Danny. David explains, “Being an entrepreneur is more than just starting a business; it requires a preparedness to adapt, learn and listen to others. Danny has all of that and more.  He has one of the strongest dispositions I know and a sense of discipline any of us could learn from.  He is constantly pumping out new content and engaging with his fans.  Always asking for the truth and learning as he grows. His genuine warmth and curiosity shine through in his podcast series that is become bigger and bigger each week.”

Danny’s podcast, The Fitness And Lifestyle Podcast, has 300 episodes and counting, receiving 2.25 million listens at the time of writing. As part of the podcast, Danny’s spoken to the likes of Paul Roos, Andrew Bogut, Dyson Heppell, Emma Murry and more – and he’s sharing both his wisdom, and his guests’ wisdom, with the world.

Outside of DK Fitness, Danny is also committed to supporting causes he cares about. He’s also Head Trainer for the Keep It Cleaner app, founded by Steph Miller and Laura Henshaw, as well as a proud ambassador for Ovarian Cancer Australia. Danny’s committed to using his standing as a foremost authority on helping people get in shape for good, and the sky is the limit for DK Fitness.

Picture of David Taubman | Business Coach

David Taubman | Business Coach

David provides 1-on-1 business coaching for with a focus on doing, not delivering theory.

David helps business owners across different industry sectors, people from all backgrounds, personalities, pressures and mindsets. From the first minute of the first session, David will share the tricks, tools and tips learnt from 20 years’ practical, hands-on experience growing businesses.

David Taubman is a highly qualified business coach
- Executive Coaching accreditation from the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL)
- Bachelor of Law from Deakin University
- Bachelor of Arts (International Relations and History) from Deakin University
- Human Resources Management from Macquarie Graduate School of Management
- Marketing Management from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management
- Nationally Accredited Mediator via LEADR (the Association of Dispute Resolvers).

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