6 ways to leverage your vulnerability

Do your goals haunt you?

Gnaw away at you.

Play on your mind.

I’m just like you.

I’ve always had big goals and they were always front of mind.

I kept shifting around hunting them. Never satisfied and always feeling a little lost.

Lawyer, Executive Recruiter, Management Consultant, HR Manager, Mediator and Head of Event Customer Service.

Working across private sector law firms, recruitment agencies, local government, state government and sports & events.

Over 20 years, I was a jack of many trades.

As my career progressed, I won numerous awards for leadership and became an executive. Things looked very rosy on paper.

My feeling of dissatisfaction only deepened. Something didn’t feel right.

Seemed like a massive character flaw.

I should have loved what I did but I didn’t.

I carried my character flaw around as baggage and spent too much time defending my achievements to validate my career.

Over time, I stopped playing the game as hard and protecting my career.

I became an internal change agent.

I held strong opinions on leadership standards, behaviours and organisation cultures.

I started to overtly embrace my personality and deeper eccentricities.

Strangely, it didn’t seem to harm my career – in fact, my teams and my colleagues seemed to love it and were increasingly drawn to me. I kept being recognised.

Importantly, I chased an executive coaching accreditation and began to side hustle.

I started to help others find purpose and execute on their goals.

Along the way something gradual but very important had started to happen.

I was slowly becoming more authentic.

Less front. More real.

I had been looking at my career in the wrong way.

There wasn’t never a perfect job for me.

So, I flipped the script.

Thought about it completely differently.

My strengths came naturally and were ever present in every role:

  • Loved coaching and training others.
  • Passion and energy
  • Self-awareness
  • Natural optimism
  • Talkative nature
  • Leadership
  • Sincerity

I thought long and hard about my old vulnerabilities and the way they had become part of my persona. Part of my emotional appeal to others:

  • My interest in change.
  • Independence.
  • Free spirit.
  • Cheeky nature.
  • Honesty.
  • Varied experience.
  • Drive.
  • Adaptability
  • Being drawn to working with people that actively sought out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change.

That was the game changer. The character flaws that had once caused me so much angst could be the epi-centre of my value to others.

The core reason my business looks the way it does, The Path to Great Culture.

Don't get me wrong. It never gets easy.

But I'm locked into my goal and doing it my way.

Paying it forward.

Reinvention, authenticity and change is now my calling card.

It can be yours.

Through this process, I had inadvertently figured out how to leverage my vulnerabilities by taking 6 key steps:

  1. I evaluated my signature strengths. The ones that came most naturally to me.
  2. I wrote down a list of my vulnerabilities.
  3. I wrote down the negative consequences of my vulnerabilities.
  4. I wrote down the positive consequences of my vulnerabilities.
  5. I worked hard on developing a written personal brand. This included some of those key components:
    • specialist skills
    • clearest personality features
    • positive consequences of my vulnerabilities
  6. I focused my decision making on exploiting my new personal brand.

Curious how to leverage your own personal brand? David Taubman is a highly recommended leadership, business and career coach. His proven methods will help you turn your weaknesses into strengths. Contact him today for more information.